Eco-friendly values

glasses leather

At ALEQUI, we strive to run an environmentally conscious business. We believe that that we share a responsibility to take care of the world around us and aim to use the resources at our disposal to do our part. In every step of our production, from the design process to sourcing new materials, we try to limit our environmental impact as much as possible.

In doing this, we stay true to our core values by building a company that we’re proud to work at. Our values reflect those of a business started by riders, for riders. The approach we take towards product design demonstrates how we achieve great quality with carefully selected materials.

From vegetable tanned leather to eco-friendly textiles and recycled plastic packaging, we keep finding new ways of doing things.  We understand that our business activity has an environmental foot print and this is why we stay open to changing our processes whenever we see new and better ways of going forward. 

If you want to know more about our leather production in detail, you can read about it here.