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Leather products from ALEQUI are made of high quality leather and stitched by hand. We use the finest materials, and take pride in the craftsmanship of our leather pieces. Produced in a variety of types and styles, leather can be decorated using a variety of techniques and finishes.

Proper care and treatment of your leather products enhances their appearance and ensures that they last longer. All our products are treated with a protective and nourishing wax.

  1. Clean the leather by removing any dirt or dust after each use with a product such Effax Leather-combi. This will remove any dirt and keep the leather soft. Polish with a clean cotton towel for extra fine finish.
  2. Once the leather is cleaned, we recommend Effax leather conditioner. In particular, this is needed after extreme sweating as the salt dries out the leather.
  3. We recommend to use an oil-based solution only a few times a year when necessary.


In order to preserve their shine, all crystals should be kept clean and tidy. We recommend to polish with a soft cloth. If necessary, lightly rinse them in warm water and a little detergent, then rinse and dry immediately with water afterwards to avoid water stains on them.

Pease note all browbands are delicate and made by hand.Thus, the metal holders of the crystals may be opened during cleaning so it is important to be mindful of them when cleaning. In the event of them opening up, gently bend them back together.

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